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          1. Latest announcement:
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            Engineering case

            Zhengzhou corning, environmental
            Yonghe group water treatment eng
            Xichuan danjiangkou hydroelectri
            Anyang fast boiler co., LTD., wa


            About Us
            zhonglan water treatment engineering co., LTD., founded in April 23, 2012, formerly known as zhengzhou shiguan water purification equipment co., LTD., located in the central plains hinterland of green city of zhengzhou, the registered capital of 10.01 million, the production workshop 2000 m2, warehouse, finished workshop, workshop production and processing workshop, finished workshop, waste composition, is a collection of water treatment equipment development, production, sales in one, specializing in all kinds of water treatment technology development, project design, project contracting and engineering consulting high-tech enterprises.
                   Zhonglan environmental protection company is composed of sewage group with water purification group, mainly to undertake all kinds of water treatment engineering consulting, design, construction and water treatment equipment development, production, sales, installation and maintenance.
                   The former business scope is: the sewage treatment, such as bathing water treatment, landscape water treatment, water treatment, etc.), industrial wastewater treatment, such as hospital waste water treatment, aquaculture wastewater treatment, textile wastewater, food wastewater, coking waste water treatment, etc.), sewage treatment and water recycling.
                   The latter in the service of factories and mines, schools drinking water systems (straight drinking water, pure water, pure water equipment, softened water equipment), branch water system (community, building, public water depth of purification treatment equipment), commercial water treatment system (mineral water, pure water, bottle/bottled water production equipment), industrial water treatment system (electric power industry, electronic industry, chemical industry, food and beverage industry, medical industry, electroplating, coating industry such as pure water, ultrapure water equipment < mixed bed, EDI >)......


            Straight drinking water process
            Tap water (or other) to primary and secondary water treatment water treatment, tertiary water treatment to fine treatment, membrane separation system to sterilization, user..
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            Battery pure water treatment pro...

            Seawater desalination system pro...

            Mineral water pretreatment proce...

            Straight drinking water process

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